Principal Kafele

 His message of inspiring school and classroom excellence is vastly impacting America’s schools! 

Dr. Marcus Jackson

 Dr. Jackson works tirelessly to improve the lives of children by helping to create a unified vision for all students focused on providing equal access to a high quality education. 

L. Kobie Da Wiz

L. Kobie provides exciting interactive fun-filled experiences for students, educators and parents. 

Patrick Phillips

Mr. Phillips helps groups achieve peek performance through engaging and substantive workshops and keynotes

Merlyna Valentine

 Merlyna Valentine engages audiences and delivers a powerful message.

Erik Cork

Erik's skills has earned him the reputation as the “Hardest Working Man in Education.”

Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor is a nationally acclaimed educational consultant and author of numerous books.

Dr. Miranda Griffin

 Dr. Griffin couples personal experiences, professional preparation, and expertise to support others to their success and maximize personal and professional potential.

Dr. Johni Cruse Craig

She  believes that knowledge is power and sharing application of knowledge is more powerful.  

Dr. Craig Boykin

Dr. Boykin helps teachers break free from their routine and discover their unrealized potential.

Dr. William "Flip" Clay

Dynamic, energetic, creative, and nationally acclaimed consultant, writer, and speaker.

Prof. Alfred Coach Powell

 Coach Powell  teaches youth to value and take responsibility for their own educational experience, while implementing life-changing prevention/mentoring programs and materials.


Michael Green

Mr. Green's nationally-recognized interactive science show has been featured on the ABC, CBS & Fox television networks.

The ROCK Conference will provide a prolific professional development experience for teachers, administrators, professors, recruiters, district leaders, superintendents and any person that is a part of the educational community. We have nationally and internationally reknown speakers that will be featured throughout the entirety of the conference. Click on the individual images below for a closer look at each featured presenter. This is the perfect event for schools, districts, colleges, universities and educational institutions.

Dr. Richard Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey is a nationally known respected author and gifted speaker who's had monumental success working with young African American males.

Roxy Hall

Roxy is the founder of SHEnergy, an organization that is empowering the lives of women across America.

Dr. Terrell Strayhorn

 Research agenda focuses on major policy issues in education: student access and achievement; issues of race, equity and diversity; impact of college on students, and student learning and development.. 

Jeremy Anderson

Jeremy has made it his life's work to help students and teachers become the best version of themselves.

Principal Thomas-EL

International Speaker who appears on Dr. Oz, CNN, NPR and Oprah Radio.

Sam Hall

Using his human resources expertise, Sam has created a communication system, that is sweeping the nation.

Dr. Melissa Chester

Dr. Melissa Chester is the CEO of BER is impacting the face of education in America.

Dr. Chike Akua

Dr. Akua's dynamic, interactive presentations impact culturally relevant education in America.

Dr. Rudy Jamison

 Dr. Jamison is a professor for the University of North Florida College of Education and Human Services, focusing on the recruitment and retention of Black Educators. 

James Presley

Principal James Presley is an expert at incentivizing students towards excellence.

Dr. Marquita Blades

Teaches educators increase student engagement through rigorous & meaningful learning experiences.


Dr. Sarena Shivers

 Dr. Sarena Shivers has served as an elementary teacher, assistant principal, principal, director of curriculum and school services, assistant superintendent and superintendent in Southeast Michigan.  

      Bea Lewis

 Beatrice Lewis is the CEO of BEAHIVE, LLC. She believes, "Do what is in the best interest of children during the day, so that you can lay your head down and rest well every night."

Shawn Hurt

Shawn Hurt is a nationally recognized data driven school turnaround agent. 

Dr. Stephanie Pasley Henry

Dr. Henry provides thought  provoking and riveting in-service trainings aimed to engage and motivate!

Tommie Mabry

Tommie tackles the experiences and challenges that minority students face in educational environments.  

Robert Jackson

Robert Jackson is author of The No More Excuses Curriculum, featuring the book, Black Men Stand Up!