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In schools across America, there are thousands of classroom teachers who aspire to one day become school leaders.  They are either thinking about enrolling in a graduate school leadership program; they are already in a program or they have completed the program but have not yet landed their first administrative position. They are hungry and eager to lead. The problem is that many of them do not have the necessary access to seasoned and effective school leaders that can share with them the ins and outs of school leadership to help them determine if this is what they truly want to do. From afar, they see their principals in action, but unless that principal is willing or able to engage them in the long discussions about school leadership, chances are they are only learning through observation and from the vantage point of their classrooms. This workshop was designed for those individuals. It fills the void of those heart-to-heart conversations with a seasoned principal. It provides the aspiring principal with a wealth of information to think about and to consider now toward pursuing the

FREE session for aspiring and administrators (experienced admins welcome)is included with conference registration! Those not attending the conference may attend the day session by contacting 1-833-BER-ROCK.

Principal Kafele Aspiring Administrators Session (10am-4pm)


·         The Attitude of the Leader
·         School Brand
·         School Climate and Culture
·         Building Collegial Relationships
·         Instructional Leadership
·         Accountability and Responsibility
·         Planning and Organization
·         Professional Learning for the Leadership
·         Professional Development for Staff
·         Parental and Community Engagement